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Purpose: To promote NHS athletics and assist the Northville School District in conducting its athletic programs at the high school.

How: Raise funds through Annual Family Sports Pass, concessions sales, spirit wear sales, and annual fundraising events.

Role: Keep your parents and coaches up to date with the latest happenings in the BoosterClub. Encourage other parents to take a meaningful volunteer role in the Booster Club, buy the Annual Family Sports Pass, serve on committees, help with concessions, sell spirit wear, and take part in activities that enable the Booster Club to provide greater support to our teams


1. Attend each Booster meeting (usually held on the first Monday of each month,
August-June). Funding decisio
ns are linked to active participation in sport representation.

2. If you cannot attend a meeting, find a substitute from your team to attend in your
place. (Notify the
secretary and inform them to sign in at the beginning of the meeting)

3. Volunteer for a committee (concessions, fundraising, spirit wear, or marketing) and be willing to help with Booster events/activities.

4. Support the Booster Club as a whole. Whether you are “in” or “out” of season, it is critical that we have support and participation from every sport.

5. Share information from the Booster Club with your team's parents and coaches. One good way of doing this is to develop an email distribution for all your teams (freshman, JV, and Varsity). Start this at the beginning of the year (even if your sport is not in season) and update it throughout the year.

6. Each team is allowed ONE funding request per school year. Funding requests are submitted to the Athletic Director by the coach before being submitted to the NMBC.

7. When doing a team fundraiser, an application form must be filled out and submitted to the Athletic Director for approval.

8. If you plan to “retire” as Booster Rep at the end of the year, your coach can help with a replacement selection. Please be sure to notify the president and secretary of the Boosters with their contact information.

9. Bring a positive spirit and collegial attitude to every meeting. Granting requests of funds for our student-athletes is supposed to be fun!


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